Jackson Taylor


My name is Jackson Taylor and this is my personal website. My interests are varied but mostly they’re programming, system administration, speedcubing, and reviewing content I like. I host a blog and several longer pages for things that are more than blog worthy.

Very rarely I’ll post videos to YouTube and Odysee, you can subscribe to these here:

Work background

I work as a staff software developer writing TypeScript on both frontend and backend projects. I’ve also worked in Python, C# and PHP, though I prefer Python in personal projects for a few different reasons. I’m generally a better backend dev than frontend.

In the past I have also worked in residential construction (electric, plumbing, tiling, framing, etc.). I’ve also done work with lighting and set design/building for a few local theater programs.

Technical background

I started programming when I was around 11 or 12 doing basic Python stuff (turtle graphics, and functions). I emulated things that I found in examples in the books I had. When I was a freshman or sophomore in high school I started picking up web fundamentals and was able to write basic web pages with HTML and CSS.

Once I got to college more of the material stuck and I was able to apply it in useful ways. I started branching out of what we learned in class and learning on my own. In college I learned Python, C#, JavaScript, SQL, PHP, and more HTML/CSS. Outside of class I started learning Go and Linux system administration. I graduated with an associates in computer programming with a database specialty in 2019.

In my internship in college, I learned way more than I thought I could. That was an experience that showed me how little I actually knew and how much I still had to learn.

Now, I’m proficient in intermediate programming concepts, and have some paid experience with a few different languages. I’m also experience with usage of Linux systems and command line tools. I try to learn a lot outside of what I do at work (this website for instance).


Most of my “claims to fame” are from my days of competing in speedcubing competitions. I started solving Rubik’s cubes in 2012, and have since been to many competitions. I broke a few state records in my heyday, though I don’t currently hold any, and probably won’t again. Kids are too fast now, and they get fast really quickly. My best and favorite event is 5x5.

For a more comprehensive story of my history as a WCA competitor you can check this page.