2021 Resolutions and Plans

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Happy New Years (6 days late)! 2020 was… a year. It wasn’t all bad for me to be honest. Despite the pandemic and quarantines, I had some very cool experiences and have met a lot of people. Some of which I consider to be very dear and close friends, and hope to continue to know for years to come. Both professionally and socially I was challenged. I went to Vegas for work, and Minnesota for pleasure. All while managing to avoid the virus. 2020 humbled me in many ways that I am still learning from, and expect to be learning from for months to come.

I hope 2021 has more cool adventures and more opportunities to grow. This will be the first year that I am really hosting this website, and hope to become more involved in it.

Here are some of the things I want to do with it specifically:

I don’t expect this site to get much traction at all, it’s really just a learning project. If it helps someone out in some way though, that’s cool.

A part from site specific things here are some more general computer things I want to accomplish this year:

For personal/fitness goals, if I end the year feeling better physically than I do now, and don’t lose any friends or anything, I’ll be happy.

Until I setup an IRC server or a mastodon instance or something, you can contact me at jackson [at] jacksontaylor [dot] xyz if you have any suggestions for the site or questions. Thanks for reading.

by Jackson Taylor