2022 Spring Music Recap

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YouTube has started doing seasonal music stats so you get a lot more throughout the year.

Spring seems totally off for me. My most listened to artist SHOULD be Zach Bryan. Because I listened to his new album for at least an hour or 2 a day for about a week. I have 2 theories on why it seems off: They stopped pulling information before Zach’s album came out, and they don’t count downloaded songs in the listens. It could be both, but I think the second explanation is definitely the most plausible and would make the most sense. I didn’t listen to it via radios/the non downloaded versions much/at all.

Anyway, here are some of my stats:

Top Artist: Hank Williams, Jr.

I use to not like Hank Jr. I had only heard “Country Boys Can Survive”, and wasn’t the biggest fan of it, so I just kinda wrote him off totally. But he is actually a really really good musician, and I really like a lot of his other songs. So I got on a Bocephus kick for about a month.

After watching interviews and stuff, I don’t think we’d get along hanging out much (apart from the age difference). He’s really vocal about politics where I’m not, and he used to be a pretty big party guy which I’m not. But I’ll listen to his music all day.

Top Spring Songs:

Stars In The Sky is a decent song, I’m really surprised it was #1 on my list, I haven’t even seen the sonic movies. I think O.D.’d in Denver should have been higher in the list, because I listened to that song on repeat for like a week.

Do it, Try it was up there because I went to a Letter Kenny live show in Durham and they played it a few times. I guess I listened to the version that wasn’t downloaded more than other songs. It’s good, it gets stuck in my head really easily. Most of the songs on this list do actually.

I love In Memory of Loss by Nathaniel Rateliff, it’s such a good album. I’ll get on a kick every couple weeks and listen to most of the album.

Top Spring Artists

There isn’t really anything surprising here, except for the exclusion of Zach Bryan, but that might be for the reasons I mentioned earlier. I’d love to see all of them in concert if I can at some point. Deer Tick is by far my favorite artist on this list, I love everything they put out. I hope they put out another album soon.

Lucero is the one I’m least familiar with, but their self titled album has a ton of great songs. Their singer has a super gritty voice.

Top Spring Genres

I like to thing I listen to a wide arrangement of music, but apparently the numbers say otherwise. But, nothing surprising here to be honest.

There are some neat stats here, I feel like the way I use YouTube Music might be skewing my results a little bit. I might have to do some experimenting in the next few seasons to see if I can narrow down how they generate their stats. If the summer one doesn’t include Zach Bryan, I’ll know they don’t count downloaded plays. If it does include him, I’ll know they stopped gathering data before spring actually ended.

by Jackson Taylor