2022 Summer Music Recap

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My job picks up during the summer and beginning fall months, so that’s why I haven’t been as active with posting on this site. I’ve got some plans for the site, mainly converting it to Hugo. Which I’ve gotten decently far with, I just have some decisions to make because it won’t be a 1:1 copy over from what I can tell. I was hoping it would be ezpz and if I weren’t to announce it, no one would be able to tell the difference.

Anyway, since I’ve been busy with work I’ve been listening to a lot of music. And this year has been AMAZING for it. I said I was going to do another post about my summer recap if it came out. From what I’m reading, it did come out, but I missed it :(. Oh well, I’ll catch the next one. I’ll just go over what I’ve been listening to and liking. These won’t be in depth reviews like the American Heartbreak one, but I’m going to list out the albums that I was excited for and what I thought about them. If anyone wants an in depth review on any of these, email me.

I love Slipknot, and most of whatever Corey Taylor does. I haven’t finished listening to this one yet. Adderall kinda shocked me, it had a groovy kinda feel to it that wasn’t bad, but I didn’t think Slipknot would try (Corey Taylor, maybe, but not Slipknot). I thought their last album was ok, I didn’t like it as much as their previous ones. But I’m always happy to see them do stuff.

I think someone needs to check on Koe. This record was so incredibly sad. It’s got so many great songs, but they make me question Koe’s mental health. I give it an 8/10. Favorite song is probably “So Low”.

Zach Bryan can pump out some songs man. A whole new album less than 6 months after American Heartbreak is insane. This one has some really good ones on it that he includes in his concert rotation (I saw him in September). I really like “Motorcycle Drive By”, “Oklahoma Smokeshow” and “Jamie (feat. Charles Wesley Godwin)”. I give this an 8/10 mainly because it STILL doesn’t have “Sunday Afternoon” on it.

Here are some albums that I hadn’t heard before, but aren’t really new.

I hadn’t heard of these guys before until I heard their song “Missed Call” the other day. These guys are super underrated, and they’re going to blow up, there’s no way they don’t. This album is so good, it’s crazy this is their first one. They have a sort of familiar sound, but not at the same time. I highly recommend giving this one a listen.

I’ve known about CWG through Zach Bryan for a while, and I really liked the song “Seneca Creek”. I wasn’t really a fan of his singing style, it was kinda shaky or warbly or whatever, and wasn’t my cup of tea. I went to a concert with CWG opening for Zach Bryan, so I figured I’d listen to his new album so I wouldn’t be totally lost. This has some really good songs like “Temporary Town” and “Jesse” that I love and was very excited to hear at the concert. This is a smaller artist that I think deserves more recognition. Super fun concert.

I’ve also been listening to more of Keith Whitley, Conway Twitty, and will probably add some Loretta Lynn to my playlist in the next few days (RIP).

by Jackson Taylor