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Happy New Years! If you’ve followed some of my other blog posts you’ll know that I like posting my new year goals and music year-in-reviews.

I mentioned last year that I hurt my back on a trip to Virginia beach, and that has significantly worsened unfortunately. Long story short, I have a herniated disc between the L4 and L5 vertebraes in my back. It started out as mild discomfort, then leading to major pain one morning, then to mild sciatica that I let go undiagnosed/untreated for over a year. I then went kayaking and could not walk without severe pain the next day which prompted me to go to the doctor and after about 3 weeks was told I had herniated the disc. That was in October, and I am still in pretty severe pain. I plan on making a larger article about my recovery process when I’m able to return back to normal life.

I’m 10 pounds lighter than last year though, so I didn’t let my diet totally go out the window. I’ve been maintaining that weight for the entire time.

Overall, 2022 was not a very good year for me. Personal matters, along with this injury have really just brought me down. Music wise, it’s been awesome though. Zach Bryan, Koe Wetzel and Tyler Childers all put out albums, and I found a bunch more artists I love.

I use YouTube Music for the moment, and I did get a year in review thing. It was really buggy, but it claimed that I am in the top 4% of Zach Bryan listeners, and “Starved” by him was my most listened to song. It still does not count downloaded songs because it would have put “Burn Burn Burn” way higher. Koe Wetzel was also high up on my list, and so was Charles Wesley Godwin.

It’s hard to sit and write for a long time, but I plan to make an in depth review of my year in review.

For 2023, I want to finish the transfer of my site to Hugo. It’s mostly done at the moment, but I am still fighting with single pages and the rss feed.

That’s pretty much it for this year. My main resolution/goal is to fix this disc issue, then I will reassess when that is normal.

by Jackson Taylor