Cgit is awesome

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Tags: 2020

Hey guys, I don’t really have much to say in this post. Just letting those who care that you can now actually clone my repos from my git site. I figured this out today. Normally, if I wanted people to push and make changes I’d have to add their ssh keys to the site. But until now, I didn’t know how to set it up to allow “anonymous” clones via a git or http link, and I couldn’t figure out the right way to explain what I wanted to people. I thought I was gonna have to do something weird with gitolite or some other program to accomplish this, but if you use the clone-url and enable-http-clone options in your cgitrc file, it allows you to clone over https. So now if you run shell git clone it should work. I haven’t tested it with all of my repos, but for dwm it works.

For dwm, my changes are on a different branch (jackson_additions). So if you’re interested in my changes specifically, when you clone it you’ll have to checkout that branch.

I also have realized that the css still isn’t quite right in some spots on the git site, I’ll have to go back and fix that too.

by Jackson Taylor