December Update 2023

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It’s getting close to the end of the year and I want this blog post to go out so I keep my streak, but I feel a pretty bad cold coming on so I’m going to shorten this pretty significantly compared to my other end of year posts. I’m happy I was able to put out 1 blog post every month. This new year I might try to do more, but I will for sure try to stick with the 1 post a month at least.

Looking at 2023

Merry Christmas everyone! I’m writing this the day after a really good few days of Christmas celebrations. I hope all of you were able to spend time with your family and have a wonderful holiday.

This year has been incredibly hard and full of challenges, but I think it’s been good for me. While I’ve been dealing with my back I’ve realized what’s most important in my life, and things that don’t matter have stopped bothering me as much. I wish I hadn’t hurt my back, but it’s happened so I have to deal with it and with all the consequences from it. Life goes on. “You’re gonna carry that weight.”

I also started reading One Piece which has taken over my life in a very fun way, I love theories and reading into the depth that it has.

I unfortunately did NOT get a YouTube Music recap this year. I’m not sure why, but I’ll try to give some recommendations next month maybe in case it does eventually generate mine.

Plans for 2024

I think my biggest goal right now for 2024 is to go on a trip somewhere. I missed out on some really cool trips in 2023 and I have some vacation that’s going to roll over. This year I already have semi-solid plans to go to Minnesota in April and I was invited to Iceland (though I think I’m gonna skip that one). My biggest fear with trips is paying all this money and using vacation time to go somewhere, and then once I get there I push too hard and end up not being able to do anything for the rest of the trip. Or worse, having to go to the emergency room because I’ve developed Cauda Equinas. But, I think Minnesota I’ll have the best chance of being ok throughout it.

One Piece Chapters 1095 - 1102

Kuma’s flashback is over and I loved every bit of it. This has far surpassed everything I thought a flashback about Kuma would include and how it would make me feel. The depth of these characters and their sufferings is immense and you could sit for hours debating the questions that arise during it.

Kuma is the best dad ever, and honestly one of the best stoic people in fiction. He had every reason to drop everything and hate his life and become the tyrant he was made out to be. From losing his family, to being a slave, to losing his best friend, to being the government’s dog and slave for a 2nd time, he just kept going all with the best attitude.

This is my favorite One Piece flashback, I think Robin’s is still super iconic and provided a major shiift of our understanding of the One Piece world, but Kuma’s is so deep and sad.

I might try to make a post dedicated to my interpretation of the flashback soon. But for now, just go read it for yourself! (Or if you haven’t read any One Piece, go start for the new year!)

by Jackson Taylor