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I tried really hard to not look at too many people’s opinions on the live action Cowboy Bebop remake, that way my opinion was more my own and I wouldn’t be parroting the same things thousands of others have said.

But I started browsing r/CowboyBebop today just seeing what was top rated, and found this really funny comment regarding Gren that I wanted to share.

‘Gynecomastia doesn’t really jive with the Twitter crowd, and Netflix really wanted to tick that box’. - Eternal_Indifference

This was in response to a joke about a headline from an article where Mason Alexander was talking about how the live action was “fixing the problems in the anime”.

It made me laugh pretty hard. This is a good joking way to explain my thoughts on the Gren situation (sorta). If you want to read my full opinion, it is linked on the home page of my website.

by Jackson Taylor