Git Hooks

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Tags: 2020

I’ve been looking for a good way to develop this site for a while. Since it’s all static HTML, I really didn’t want to setup jenkins or any sort of massive CI/CD solution. I wanted to do a bunch of things that ended up having security issues(I think, I’m not actually sure), or were just overall dumb.

I finally found out about git hooks, and that is what I’m going to continue using for now. You can set up scripts both on remotes and locally to run on specific events. For example you can run unit tests when you go to push to a remote, and if they fail you can stop the push from going through. The way I am using it is to copy my repository into the folder I’m serving whenever new commits are pushed.

It seems to be working well, it’s kind of messing with my rss feed because I would write my blog posts on my server and post it there. That’s why my last blog about my year end playlist results is probably seen as updated or something.

This makes writing blog posts way easier. So I might start posting more, for real.

by Jackson Taylor