Hugo Transfer Done

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Tags: 2023

Hugo move

Having started this transfer a few months ago (maybe more than a few months), I have finally completed 90% of what I set out to do when transferring to Hugo. Go enjoy the new hotness!

I’m just kidding it’s the same basically. That’s by design though. I wanted this to be seamless, with the inclusion of some small nice features. Hugo is nice for the most part, I struggled a lot with this project because I didn’t want to read the docs. I found a string of tutorials that helped me out though.

I custom made my own theme which uses the color scheme I’ve always used. I want to eventually put the theme out for others to use and make the colors configurable. I got the original scheme from, and it’s called “gotham”. My theme is nothing special, I don’t use any shortcodes or anything yet, but it’s simple enough where someone could probably use it and start their own site with it.

The RSS feed was kind of hard to get configured how I want. It used to keep track of every single page on the site, which I didn’t like. There’s probably some RSS.xml files on here that I don’t want, but I’m too lazy to figure that out right now.

General update

I talked about my herniated disc in my last post. Overall I think it’s about the same, or maybe a little worse over the past few days. I thought I had found an exercise that was helping, but I think I overdid it. I woke up last night to my calf feeling like it had gotten torn to shreds by a large dog. This ordeal is definitely the worst pain I’ve ever been in, and it’s been pretty continuous for 4, almost 5 months.

I’m in the process of getting an appointmment set up for a prednisone shot, which is supposed to treat the inflammation, and could work 2 days or 2 years. It’s different for everyone. If this doesn’t work, or doesn’t last for very long I’m going to commit to the surgery. I’ve got a plane ticket to Texas in June already, which I really don’t want to miss. If I miss it because of my back I’m going to be severely upset, I already missed a Hawaii trip.

Anyway, on a lighter note I’ve been taking my time up with some fun things. I finally started reading One Piece, and I’m already up to Chapter 300 or so. I played through Red Dead Redemption, and I’m about 75% done with the second one. I bought a PS2 slim and a few accessories to mod it. I plan to do reviews or tutorials on some of these things. One Piece I might not, just because there’s so much to cover, and so many other people do better jobs than I could.

I also posted the first episode of a series I might complete on Youtube. I played about 30 minutes of Silent Hill. I don’t know if I find it entertaining enough to continue posting it. I’ll probably finish the game eventually though.

Overall, some good and some bad. Just how life works. With Hugo I hope posting will become easier, and I might write more (probably not).

by Jackson Taylor