I lied about downtime

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Tags: 2021

So if you’ve noticed, the git site and everything is still up and running. I have been pretty busy so I haven’t gotten around to moving everything. I moved Montana’s site over as a test, but when I went to get an ssl cert for it, certbot failed, so I just copied over the cert and keys from the server it was on (not sure this is best practice, but I didn’t want it to be “not secure”).

I’m certain this probably isn’t a certbot issue, but I drop my files in the nginx directory like 99% of tutorials say. I wondered if it had anything to do with a cert already being registered for the site, but I don’t think that would matter. I just had a thought as I was writing this that it might be a permissions thing… damn. Might try during work today with a dummy domain or something. I’m pretty sure certbot just places a file in your sites files and ensures it can find it based on the domain.

I’m going to Raleigh Galaxy con tomorrow with my sister. We were supposed to go meet Corey Taylor, but since Joey Jordison passed he cancelled, which is unfortunate but completely understandable. Even if only for the fact that probably all of his fans that would meet him would want to talk to him about it. Hopefully we’ll get to meet him in the future. This is actually the second time Slipknot/Corey Taylor has cancelled on us, last time was for covid (again, understandable). And Saturday I’m going to a party at my old boss/mentor’s house. So I may not get around to doing any of this stuff until Sunday or maybe mid August.

by Jackson Taylor