I Might Start Posting Videos

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Tags: 2021

I’ve been thinking recently about creating videos to go along with the site. Not many people like reading long drawn out posts about stuff. So some people might like my voice being drug out for several minutes instead. I would be using my phone and potentially recreating the same feel as Luke Smith’s boomer rants in the woods series he has.

One of the main questions I have is where I would post these videos. I will most likely use YouTube AND LBRY. This is something I’ll probably talk about more in my first video, as I prefer libre software and more open platforms. I would really like to have a peertube instance, but that’s a lot of work/money for somethign that I haven’t even started.

Once I setup my channels, I’ll include them in a contact me page or something on my home page, and make a post about it. If you have any tips, opinions, topics you want me to talk about you can email me at jackson [at] jacksontaylor [dot] xyz

by Jackson Taylor