January Update 2024

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Happy New year everyone! Like I said last month I’m going to try to keep that 1 post a month going into 2024 as well.

One Piece and Monsters

Spoilers: This has some minor spoilers up to Thriller Bark. Both about one of the villains of Thriller Bark, and the “gimmick” of the island. Nothing major. There is some more that is revealed with him in the Wano arc, so DON’T go to any wikis to look him up if you’re not caught up because it’s like the first thing that appears. What I will talk about is only from what happens in Thriller Bark and Monsters.

My blog is pretty much turning into One Piece updates, but I don’t have that much going on apart from it haha.

This month is actually pretty exciting for a story that isn’t One Piece, but is related. Before Oda wrote One Piece he wrote a few one-shots, one of which is called “Monsters”. Monsters is the story of a man named Ryuma who fights a dragon, and it is getting an anime adaptation on Netflix tomorrow actually (in a few hours).

You might recognize this name and description if you’re caught up to the Thriller Bark arc as the samurai that Brook and Zoro fight. Without spoiling anymore than that about the One Piece side of Ryuma, Monsters is the story where he becomes the well known samurai that he is in One Piece. I think a lot of people have it wrong where they think that this story is canon to One Piece, and only parts of it are. The character Ryuma is canon in One Piece, the fact that he fought a dragon is canon in One Piece, but the exact details that are going to be shown may not be canon. It looks like some things are actually changed from the original Monsters to be a little closer to One Piece (notable what sword he uses). I’m excited for it. I have a replica Shusui sword that I plan on holding while watching it lol.

I think I might wait for a few more chapters to talk about what’s going on with Egghead. It’s getting hella spicy right now. If you’re not caught up, you need to get caught up soon, you’re missing out on peak fiction and vengeance plots.

I’ll see you guys next month!

by Jackson Taylor