Luke's newsboat config is amazing

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Tags: 2021

Since I last talked about RSS, I’ve gotten waaay more into it, and it just keeps getting better.

Like I mentioned in my last post from July, I use newsboat as my RSS reader. It is so extensible and cool. Luke Smith has such a nice config setup if you like vim keybindings and kick ass features. You can download videos right from the command line.

I know he made a video about his setup like a year ago, and a year ago before that, but he didn’t actually go into how it works or what dependencies you need I don’t think.

Obviously you’ll want newsboat installed, that’s a given. If you want to use Luke’s config found here, the other dependencies I can think of off the top of my head are as follows:

I don’t think I’ve missed anything, but it’s possible I have. If you run into an issue, figure it out lol (or email me and I’ll attempt to debug it I guess ;) ). His setup might include some specific things for dwm/dwmblocks which you will probably have to get around if you aren’t running it (I am)

His config is sort of easy to read once you have all of this setup. All of the commands are simply comma and then another key.

I haven’t gotten a few of the commands to work, because I don’t really use them or see a point in me using them.

There are other readers like I’ve mentioned in the past, but I think newsboat is perfect. Having all of these features is so cool and handy, you can do all of your content consuming from this one program. GO GET ON THE RSS GRIND NOW!!!

by Jackson Taylor