March Update

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Last time I updated the site I was having some issues with nginx and all that jazz. I’m still having issues with that from what I can tell, it’s doing some redirecting it shouldn’t be, but I’ve kind of put that on the back burner for now. I still host my git site, my libreddit instance, this site, my mail server and a friend’s website I made for her. I wish I had a nitter instance still, but I’ve been usng a different one for now. I also ventured and bought another vps for a wireguard vpn. I don’t use it for anything nefarious because it’s still in my name, it’s mostly for when I’m connected to a network I don’t necessarily trust. That was dead simple, I’m not sure if that’s me getting better at following directions or if the software is just that simple, but I have spun it up in less than 20 minutes on 2 separate occasions.

Besides trying to get that sorted, I got 99% of my music downloaded and tagged from youtube music. Something like 3000 songs to tag was a huge undertaking, and I’m still gathering more. I’m looking to write something to help with sorting what I download into folders of artist - album - songs, and then going back and applying the right metadata. Youtube-dl cuts off part of the title, so it’s impossible to use that to tell what song it is (I think), and there isn’t any metadata about the song.

I also would like to keep my song in sync on 2 or 3 computers (thinkpad, server, and a usb drive for my vehicle). This I think I can rig something together with git/patch and a shell script for telling what’s changed, and only transferring the songs that have actually changed. I’ll probably make a post about that when I have the solution in my head. Or if there is already something for it, please let me know.

As for work stuff, I’ve started working on a large typescript project. It’s also in a more agile fashion using some new ticketing software and processes. I can’t say I really like typescript yet, but I can say that this project got me a linux laptop at work (which I’m over the moon about, WSL is ass and a pain in the ass to use). I might do some posts on things I learn over the course of this project. For instance, instead of keeping like a repo with all the sql and how the tables are laid out, we’ve essentially written code to make the tables for us (I think migrations is the word). Not sure how big a benefit this is, but it can help with reproducing errors and exact setups maybe?

by Jackson Taylor