Stone Ocean delayed

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Tags: 2022 Anime

I’ve talked a lot about Cowboy Bebop on my site, but I have watched some other animes. JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure is probably my second favorite.

Netflix worked with David Studios on part 6, Stone Ocean, and they were going to release it in sets of episodes over a course of unknown time. The first set was 12 episodes long, and probably like many other people I had it finished in less than a week. This past week, Netflix announched that the next set of episodes will be releasing in the fall of this year…

This is pretty dissapointing. I’ve already read the manga for part 6, so I know what happens, it’s just unfortunate for those who haven’t/don’t want to. This is almost an entire year for 12 episodes.

From what I’ve seen so far, it looks pretty up to par with the rest of the animated parts though, so I hope they are able to keep the same quality throughout. Towards the end, this part was hard to follow (at least for me), so I hope the anime is able to help with that and make it more clear.

People on twitter have started making petitions for Netflix to release episodes weekly, which would be cool I think. I’m not sure why they wouldn’t, unless it could effect their watch times or something.

by Jackson Taylor