We get to keep struggling!

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The team behind Berserk just announced that they are going to continue the serialization, we get to keep struggling along with Guts!

According to the “berserk_project” twitter page, a close friend of Miura had been told the ending of Berserk and a lot of the major plot points that were to occur to get us there.

Link to twitter post

This is really cool timing for me, considering I just got caught up a literal week ago.

Kouji Mori had been friends with Kentaro Miura since they were in high school. They both worked on various manga and anime projects over the years, and would frequently consult each other on their works and get feedback. Miura told Moji that he was the only one to know the ending of Berserk. I think this shows how good of friends they actually were. Based on the statement given from both Moji and Young Animal Studios, I think this is going to be the best shot at doing what Miura would have intended. I know it’s going to be a project filled with love and respect for Miura, and they are going to try to stay as true to the material that Miura had left, and told Moji. Miura’s apprentices are going to be working on it as well.

Though it might not be exactly what Miura had planned, I don’t think anyone else would be qualified to work on this and continue it than the ones that have stepped forward for this monumental task. I am very excited to see more.

Even though I have caught up, and was beginning to write my review, I am going to hold off on until it’s finished. I’m sure I’ll still really like it, and I definitely already respect what they’re doing. But I will probably break it down between Miura and Moji portions just to compare the 2 to see if they are able to keep that same feeling.

Happy Tuesday!

by Jackson Taylor