I have been speedcubing for about 10 years, and have been to 15 competitions since. I’ve been lucky enough to meet some really cool people and even hold some state records in my career. If there is a competition in North Carolina and it has 5x5 in it, there is a good chance I’ll be there helping out in some way or another.

North Carolina State Records I’ve held (and remember):

Official Results:

Here is my WCA profile.

For some stories from the competitions I’ve been to, check out this page:

Competition Stories

PBs: Note: I think there was talk in the community at one point about changing the meaning of PB (personal best), and using PR (personal record I think) in tandem. I’m stuck in my ways, so I use PB for everything. I’ll usually say “comp PB” for my best time in a competition, and “overall PB” for any time that is my fastest (at home or in comp).

Puzzle Average/Single Time Notes
2x2 Single 0.77 This was like a year into me solving cubes. Had to be a 4 move or a misscramble. Would’ve been NAR at the time which was cool to me.
2x2 Average of 5 3.xx High 2 or low 3 I think. I haven’t had a decent 2x2 in about 5 years or so.
3x3 Single 5.80 I’m pretty sure that’s what it is. I’ve gotten maybe three 5 second solves, and I’ve gotten closer to 15-20 6 second solves.
3x3 Average of 5 8.90 I got this the other day (Aug 18 ‘22), and I’m gonna count it as my best even though it might be a little faster.
3x3 Average of 12 9.08 I got this the same day I got my average of 5, I rolled the average for it. I think my actual best is sub 9, but this is the one that I can remember.
4x4 Single 33.xx
4x4 Average of 5 37.xx
5x5 Single 1:00.01 I cannot express how pissed off I was when I got this. 5x5 is my favorite event, and sub 1 is a barrier I want to break so badly. To literally have missed it by such a small increment of time is heartbreaking. :(
5x5 Average of 5 1:10.xx Somewhere around 1:10. If I practice I can probably get around there again.
6x6 Single 2:2x.xx
6x6 Mean of 3 2:3x.xx
7x7 Single 3:3x.xx
7x7 Mean of 3 3:5x.xx